Diode laser epilation 808

How effective is diode laser hair removal 808?


The diode laser eliminates unwanted hair by hitting the hair bulb with a selective light beam for melanin. Dark hairs can be treated on light complexion and are necessary between 8 and 12 sessions for a defined result.

Let’s go into more detail, the 808 diode laser hair removal uses specific waves to eliminate the hair in a total and permanent way, a treatment considered among the most reliable for hair removal starting from the hair bulb that, without touching or irritating the skin allows us to avoid pain and redness due to the classic laser treatments.

How does a session of 808 diode laser work?

The machine projects a beam of laser light onto the area to be treated and which affects the dark hair by overheating it, a rapid and painless process.
The success of the treatment also derives from the frequency of treatments, the morphology and characteristics of the hair, a treatment very similar to pulsed light.


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