Fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment

Laser skin resurfacing how does it work

CO2 fractional laser is used in aesthetic medicine for face and body rejuvenation.

The light beam emanating from the laser causes the contraction of collagen fibers, which then contract in order to recompact skin tissue damaged by the effects of aging.

After receiving laser skin resurfacing treatments, skin usually appears reddish for a few weeks and then it gradually returns to its normal appeareance. After the treatment it is recommended to avoid exposing the treated area to sunlight for at least two months. That’s the reason why it is preferable to undergo this kind of treatment in spring or fall when the skin is not tanned.

This method is the ideal treatment for skin issues such as:

  • acne scars
  • dark spots and melasma
  • fine lines
  • enlarged pores
  • stretch marks

The costs for fractional laser therapies vary according to how many face and body area need to be treated.

Other treatments for skin rejuvenation: radio frequency


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