Wrinkle correction and anti-aging beauty treatments

As we age, wrinkles are something we usually try to fight or delay. Wrinkles are mainly caused by factors such as:

– sun exposure: it induces a free-radical damage to the skin, which reacts by provoking its elastosis and hyperkeratosis, i.e. an increase in the synthesis of keratin that makes skin look dull and anelastic;

– facial expressions;

– emptying of the dermal matrix of essential components such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

As a result of these factors, therefore, we can identify different types of facial wrinkles:

Expression lines:

This type of wrinkles is caused by the mimic movements of face muscles. They usually appear on the forehead and glabellar region and are mainly treated with botox. Expression lines are generated by constant stress of the dermis caused by facial muscles movements that stimulate the formation of wrinkles and folds. By alleviating the action of these muscles, botox makes wrinkles appear smoother and the face looks more relaxed.

Smoker’s wrinkles:

They are named after the effect of smoking on mimetic muscles.  The act of smoking causes this type of wrinkles because of its mechanical effect of the mimetic muscles. Smoker’s wrinkles appear around the mouth and are generated by the action of the orbicularis muscle of the mouth, which corrugates the skin. These lines are treated with hyaluronic acid fillers and fractionated laser.

Crow’s feet:

They form around the outer corner of the eyes and are generated by the contraction of the orbicular muscles of eye. They are mainly caused by the act of smiling and blinking. The most efficient treatment for crow’s feet is botox.

Nasolabial folds:

Nasolabial wrinkles, mainly referred as smile lines, appear on the sides of the mouth, depart from the wings of the nose and run down to the jaw. In most cases, this type of lines is caused by two factors:

  • emptying of the dermal matrix as a result of aging;
  • relaxation of cheek skin caused by gravity, mainly spread among patients with a round face, prominent cheeks and little support of the zygomatic bone.

The best solution for these wrinkles are hyaluronic fillers, in case of dermal matrix emptying, and lifting in case of skin relaxation.


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