Pulsed light hair removal

Pulsed light is an aesthetic treatment suitable for hair removal on different parts of the body. This procedure is simple and only consists of a few steps: the light locates the melanin in the hair bulbs and hit them in order to increase their temperature up to the point that they die eventually.

During each pulsed light session body hair drops by approximately 20%, and after 6-8 sessions it is possible to reach an almost total eradication.

Machines for medical purposes are more effective than the machines used for aesthetics, therefore they allow to remove hair more rapidly.

Usually hair removal treatments are booked every 3 weeks and they do not have side effects. The duration of the appointment depends on the area of treatment: it may last a few minutes for areas such as the face and armpits or around 30 – 45 minutes for legs.

Conditions  need to carry out the treatment safely and correctly:

  • natural skin color (not tanned)
  • dark brown or black body hair
  • about 1 mm long hair on the skin surface

Pulsed light is not painful and it is used not only for hair removal but also to get rid of ingrown hairs and folliculitis.

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